The driftwood sculpture on the right is a
rare treasure from the Florida shores.
A driftwood sculpted into a coffee table
Carl Woodland creates an authentic
masterpiece in driftwood art.
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Florida cedar driftwood is treated
in an environmentally safe process.
Cedar driftwood is known for the
rot resistance of it's heartwood.
Large older cedar trees are often
used for hope chests and closet
linings, as its strong odor repels
Florida Keys driftwood is known as
iron wood or buttonwood. The salt
water, hot tropical sun, rain, wind
and buffeting by the waves combine to
wear and tear away
soft parts of the driftwood.
The elements of nature creates
the twists and turns that give the
driftwood it's nautical character.
Most people don't realize that the
Florida Keys shoreline is made up
of Coral Rock formations rather
than sandy beaches. This is the
reason that the driftwood here is
so interesting. The driftwood has
been worked into the Coral,
twisted by the action of the ocean
and the tropical storms.
Due to the geographical formation
of the islands between the flow of
the Gulf of Mexico and the
Atlantic Ocean, the driftwood that
is found in the Florida Keys has
entirely different characteristics
than driftwood found on many
coastal shores.
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Coffee Table base in driftwood.
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