Driftwood Wall Art

Driftwood Wall Art

Driftwood Wall Art and Wall Décor to Amplify Your Aesthetics

Reclaimed driftwood made into one-of-a-kind unique wall decorations and wall art by Artisan Carl Woodland Jr., also known as "Sonny". Handmade driftwood wall art pieces are constructed with driftwood from Intracoastal Waterway.

An assortment of small driftwood pieces is used to create small and large driftwood wall art. The handmade driftwood wall art & decor inspired by the sea. Sea creatures small and large, paintings on driftwood, as well as beautiful driftwood wall wreaths and mirrors.

Calming and serene, this driftwood wreath brings the colors of the sea to your home. With Aqua sea glass accents collected along the coast in Maine nestled in layers of hand-collected driftwood, you can bring the serenity of the Maine coast inside.

Custom-made, gorgeous driftwood wall arts are handcrafted from beach driftwood and embellished with aqua, white, and turquoise sea glass. What makes wall decor so special are the added touches at the end of the process. He uses small, unique-shaped pieces of driftwood that make each mirror into a spectacular one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.

Note that all driftwood pieces have been cleaned properly and are also varnished to preserve their beige color and be better protected against humidity, UV radiation, and natural decline. In addition, the mirror has been made to last in time and is very robust.

The driftwood wall art shown here is meant to be mounted on a wall or leaned against a wall or doorway. This driftwood wall art is 3 ft. tall The finish is natural beige with some brown and a hint of red cedar. We custom make your specifications dimensions and color.

Natural beige driftwood wall art, at right Retail, 1850.00.

Driftwood shelf art, 6 ft x 2ft, weighs 70 pounds. Price, 1600.00

Call us to custom order size, color, and glass style.

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