How To Choose A Perfect Driftwood Dining Table

How To Choose A Perfect Driftwood Dining Table

These are extremely functional, and they’re a statement to make with their versatile styles. Several perspectives are to ponder over before fancying your dining table design for your home, from size and shape to the type of driftwood material.

Size of the Dining Room

When you’re choosing a driftwood dining table for your home, space availability has to be studied. First, inspect the size of your dining room or the open kitchen where your dining set will reside. This will give you an idea of the dimensions of a possible design you need the next time you head out to shop. Ideally, the distance between the edge of your dining table set and the wall, or any other piece of furniture, needs to be around three feet. This will allow enough space for you to move your chair and enough clearance while walking around the table.

Style of the Dining Room

Depending on the style of the house, choose a driftwood dining table that will compliment your dining room. Whether it’s a traditional, contemporary, Scandinavian or rustic setting, choosing your dining table should reflect its surroundings. Several dining table designs will harmonize with your existing interiors.

  • Traditional country style: Heavy farmhouse style dining tables, exposed wooden surfaces
  • Modern and contemporaryDriftwood edged and mixed-lined forms made from wood and glass. 

The Perfect Shape

The dimension of your dining room does possess a say in the shape of your table. If you have a small space, a 36-44 inch square four-seater dining table or a round dining table with a diameter of 36-48 inches will keep the space from looking cramped. Additionally, you can also take a triangular-shaped dining table design. These can include up to six people depending on placement and dimensions.

Rectangular, oval, or circular-shaped dining tables are ideal for more formal spaces, the latter being better suited to classic styles. If you have sufficient space for traffic flow, a 72-inch long rectangular table will be a typical pick to accommodate six people, while a 96-inch long rectangular table can comfortably seat eight people.

Material and Finishes

Choosing high-quality, durable material is directly associated with the maintenance of your dining table in the long run. If you choose the best driftwood dining table, always opt for hardwoods. On the other hand, the advantage of choosing your dining table with a glass top is that it works well with several decors. Moreover, since glass tables are reflective, they add a lighter and brighter feel to the room. While glass tops are moderately easy to clean, fingerprint stains and chipped edges are common issues.

Type of Usage

Before you make a purchase, consider how you use your dining table. For example, if the entire family consistently uses your dining table, pick sturdy, medium to large-sized tables made of durable materials. However, if your dining table is used less frequently, opt for more decorative finishes, such as a patterned veneer finished tabletop.

If you live in a rented home, we recommend choosing driftwood dining table designs that are lightweight and durable.

Type of Seating

Times are changing, and the eclectic style is gradually getting to be more popular. So get creative and experiment with the chairs – in form and shape – and add a dash of exclusivity in your dining room. Also, when it comes to choosing your dining table, you can mix-n-match seating options with a bench and different chairs.

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