How To Decorate With Driftwood Wall Art Decor

How To Decorate With Driftwood Wall Art Decor

Driftwood items don’t always mean that a coastal or beach touch; they can look very rustic. Designers – driftwood tables, lamps, stools, and coat racks- are many cool creations – but you can also make various easy driftwood wall art yourself. For example, a driftwood jewelry hanger, candle holder, wall shelf, or photo display. Driftwood is also very cool for table décor – for centerpieces, placemats, and table garlands. Enjoy the lovely pictures below and get inspired!

Move over, decorative beads, and coffee table books. While we admire these items, we’re constantly keen to expand our styling collections and include discoveries in our spaces. Lately, we’ve been majorly hooked to driftwood—sometimes referred to as grape wood—which advances for a naturalistic yet stunning accent piece.

Some people have placed driftwood in multiple locations throughout their homes. The piece makes a statement on the built-in shelving, adding welcome texture while complementing a display rooted in neutrals. On the entryway table, the piece looks lovely placed in a woven basket, proving that sometimes, a setup that’s a bit off the beaten path can look purposeful and cohesive.

Bring on the textures: shelfie proves that buzz-worthy materials rattan, wicker, and driftwood couldn’t blend more perfectly. A petite plant adds a cheerful pop of green to a mostly beige nook, keeps the area looking lively and fresh, and complements the other natural materials featured. 

Driftwood wall art came in many forms and opted to display the piece vertically on the built-in. Surrounded by wooden logs, the piece is right at home and fills an extra tall shelf wonderfully.

Not sure where to purchase your driftwood? We love the piece from it’s budget-friendly and available in different sizes, depending on your space’s needs.

Driftwood and Air Plants

Driftwood can be found on the beach or purchased from a store. A well-weathered piece of wood makes a beautiful composition in your home.

Driftwood and Air Plants can be combined in many different ways. The same project can be wall-mounted or placed on any surface of your home. It depends on how you want to assemble your driftwood. 

Individual sculptural Driftwood Piece

Find the most beautiful driftwood piece. A piece that has an aesthetically pleasing look with many knots and crevices where you can tuck in your moss and air plants. Once you have a piece selected, study it and determine what the best way to hang it on the wall is and how it will sit on the wall.

This will help you determine where you will install your hanger and where your air plants will go. Once you’ve planned all the components of your piece and how you will hang it, find those precious notches in the wood and tuck in your air plants and some moss! Now you are ready to hang this beautiful piece on your wall.

  • A lamp with driftwood on top is a stylish idea for a coastal space, which is a very fast craft.
  • A driftwood rack with hooks will bring a coastal feel to your entryway.
  • A driftwood chandelier with bulbs is a chic idea for a coastal home.
  • Likewise, a shelf with driftwood under it brings a slight beachy feel to space.

Driftwood wall art is widely used to make all kinds of decorations for homes: mirrors, artworks, sculptures, candle holders, and so on. For example, you may frame a mirror with driftwood, create a bold artwork of driftwood.

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