Driftwood Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees


Driftwood Cherry Blossom Trees are custom made to your specifications in design.

Experience the wonderment of the ocean at Cherry Blossom time with a trendy and sophisticated driftwood Cherry Blossom tree. The whoville Cherry Blossom tree shown at right will bring memories from childhood storytelling. A Cherry Blossom tree creates a playful theme at wonderfull time. Artisan, Carl Woodland's extensive training in driftwood art creations will ensure a structurally sound driftwood Cherry Blossom

Natural beige Driftwood Cherry Blossom Trees, at right Retail, 1850.00.

Driftwood shelf art, 6 ft x 2ft, weighs 70 pounds. Price, 1600.00

Call us to custom order size,color and glass style.

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