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Driftwood Side Tables

Driftwood Side Table

What If You Dress Your Home With a Classic Collection of Driftwood Side Table?

Are you looking for a fantastically accommodating driftwood side table? Check out your wide collection of these kinds of tables with the best and unique specifications that add a different touch to your home décor. It is made up of natural-white wood that is pictured with some leaves creating no stain or paint. It also offers a white-wash grey color.

The driftwood side table is expensive and it is widely accepted for its wide range and classy look. You can shop the best collection of the driftwood side table from the world imaginative marketplace at an affordable price. Various kinds of wood make up the classy collections with a majestic and imposing display of the same.

You can enjoy shopping for the best and realistic woody collection of driftwood end tables so that it adds a different touch to the décor. For better assistance, you can contact and take consultation from an expert interior designer as they are masters in their profession.

A driftwood side table is made to your size specifications to accommodate oval, round, or rectangle glass tops.

The driftwood end table above is a white-wash beige. Also offered in white-wash gray.

The price with the glass is 1550.00 and for the base alone is 1300.00.

The totally natural driftwood end table and the "natural white" driftwood side table accommodate a 26" round glass top. The base alone is 1250.00 and complete with glass top is 1400.00.

Prices based on dimensions.

To custom order, your preference in style, type of finish, and dimensions, Call or Email Carol Woodland.

Carol Woodland: 1-727-410-1877