A driftwood side table is
made to your size
specifications to
accommodate oval,
round or rectangle
glass tops.

The driftwood table to
the right is a white-wash
beige. Also offered in white-
wash gray.

The price with the glass
is 1350.00 and for the base
alone is 1200.00.

Click on thumbnails of
driftwood side table
below and round driftwood
table. The thumbnails below
are totally natural driftwood
cedar roots. The "natural-
white" driftwood end table
pictured with leaves has no
stain or paint.

The totally natural driftwood
end table and the "natural white"
driftwood side table accommodate
a 26" round glass top. For the base
alone is 1150.00 and complete
with glass top is 1250.00.
To custom order your
preference in style, type of
finish and dimensions, call or
email Carol Woodland.
Driftwood side table below;
totally natural, no paint or stain!
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Carol or Carl Woodland:
1-727-410-1877 Phone.
1-727-264-0649 Fax
Send an email to Carol:
Driftwood side table and driftwood end table art.
Tropical resort interior design driftwood side table.
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